King Ursa developed an entirely new visual identity for Moosehead Breweries rooted in our Truly Canadian brand platform, combined with a new positioning and tagline ‘Stay Wild’. The visual identity is heavily influenced by Constructivist art and the design style is direct and effective, to direct the eye towards the subject and message. The style has experienced a second renaissance in street art and it embodies ‘Stay Wild’ as a key visual for the brand.
Project: Stay Wild Campaign
Client: Moosehead Breweries
Executive Creative Director: Paulo Salomao
Director of Partnerships: Kristin Nikolaidis 
Account Manager: Lauren Reinhart
Strategist: Taycia Chaplin
Project Manager: Michelle Philpott
Creative Director: Greg Bolton, Harisson Santos
Associate Design Director: Ben Ruby 
Copywriter: Greg Bolton 
Animator: Miguel Natividad 
Digital Artist: Andrew Penchuk
Illustrator —  Photoshop — After Effects — Premiere
Recognition: 2020 Applied Arts Canada, Craft Art Direction 
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